As Introduced

129th General Assembly
Regular Session
H. B. No. 129

Representative Mallory 

Cosponsors: Representatives Williams, Boyd, Weddington, Patmon, Combs, Mecklenborg, Huffman, Wachtmann, Maag, Derickson, Yuko, Fedor, Foley, Gerberry, Antonio, Letson, Milkovich, Murray, O'Brien, Hagan, Szollosi, Beck 

To enact sections 3701.137 and 3707.012 of the 1
Revised Code to establish the Bed Bug Awareness, 2
Education, and Prevention Program and to require 3
boards of health to adopt vermin control policies 4
under which bedbug infestations are treated in the 5
same manner as other infestations and to make an 6


       Section 1. That sections 3701.137 and 3707.012 of the Revised 8
Code be enacted to read as follows:9

       Sec. 3701.137. (A) As used in this section:10

       (1) "Hotel" means every establishment kept, used, maintained, 11
advertised, or held out to the public as a place where sleeping 12
accommodations are offered to guests, in which five or more rooms 13
are used for the accommodation of such guests, whether the rooms 14
are in one or several structures.15

        (2) "Residential dwelling" means a building used or intended 16
to be used as a personal residence by the owner, part owner, or 17
lessee of the building, or any person authorized by such a person 18
to use the building as a personal residence.19

       (B) The bed bug awareness, education, and prevention program 20
is hereby established in the department of health. The department 21
shall administer the program with the assistance of and in 22
consultation with the Ohio state university department of 23
entomology and Ohio state university extension.24

       (C) The department of health shall make available on its web 25
site information on the increasing incidences of bed bug (cimex 26
lectularius) infestation and post notices that bed bugs are a pest 27
of significant public health importance. The director of health 28
shall do all of the following:29

       (1) Educate hotel owners, residential dwellers, and citizens 30
of this state on the difference between bed bugs and similar types 31
of vermin so they can be easily recognized and treated 32

        (2) Encourage hotel owners and residential dwellers to 34
closely monitor floors, carpets, bed linens, and mattresses for 35
signs of infestation to facilitate effective, timely treatment to 36
prevent the spread and incidence of infestation;37

       (3) Assist in and promote the development of safe and 38
effective treatment methods or options to eradicate bed bug 39
infestation in hotels and residential dwellings.40

       (D) The department shall make available to the public a 41
toll-free telephone number for any person seeking to report an 42
incidence of bed bug infestation or to request information. The 43
department may make the toll-free number available by maintaining 44
a toll-free telephone line specifically for accepting calls 45
regarding bed bugs or by using a toll-free telephone line that the 46
department maintains for accepting calls regarding other matters.47

       (E) The department shall adopt rules as necessary to 48
implement this section. The rules shall be adopted in accordance 49
with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code.50

       Sec. 3707.012. As used in this section, "board of health" 51
means the board of health of a city or general health district or 52
the authority having the duties of a board of health under section 53
3709.05 of the Revised Code.54

       Each board of health shall adopt policies for the prevention, 55
detection, and eradication of vermin in public places, including 56
residential facilities other than private dwellings. Under each 57
policy, bedbug infestations shall be treated in the same manner as 58
other vermin infestations.59

       Section 2. On July 1 of each fiscal year, or as soon as 60
possible thereafter, the Director of Budget and Management shall 61
transfer $167,500 in cash from the Environmental Education Fund 62
(Fund 6A10), used by the Environmental Protection Agency, to the 63
General Revenue Fund. 64

       Section 3. All items in this section are hereby appropriated 65
as designated out of any moneys in the state treasury to the 66
credit of the General Revenue Fund. For all appropriations made in 67
this act, those in the first column are for fiscal year 2012 and 68
those in the second column are for fiscal year 2013. The 69
appropriations made in this act are in addition to any other 70
appropriations made for the FY 2012-FY 2013 biennium.71


DOH Department of Health

General Revenue Fund73

GRF 440463 Bed Bug Awareness $ 167,500 $ 167,500 74
TOTAL GRF General Revenue Fund $ 167,500 $ 167,500 75
TOTAL ALL BUDGET FUND GROUPS $ 167,500 $ 167,500 76


       The foregoing appropriation item 440463, Bed Bug Awareness, 78
shall be used to implement and administer the Bed Bug Awareness, 79
Education, and Prevention Program created in section 3701.137 of 80
the Revised Code.81

       Within the limits set forth in this act, the Director of 82
Budget and Management shall establish accounts indicating the 83
source and amount of funds for each appropriation made in this 84
act, and shall determine the form and manner in which 85
appropriation accounts shall be maintained. Expenditures from 86
appropriations contained in this act shall be accounted for as 87
though made in the main operating appropriations act of the 129th 88
General Assembly. The appropriations made in this act are subject 89
to all provisions of the main operating appropriations act of the 90
129th General Assembly that are generally applicable to such 91

       Section 4.  The sections of law contained in this act, and 93
the items of which they are composed, are not subject to the 94
referendum. Therefore, under Ohio Constitution, Article II, 95
Section 1d and section 1.471 of the Revised Code, the sections of 96
law contained in this act, and the items of which they are 97
composed, go into immediate effect when this act becomes law.98