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[The 1851 Constitution with Amendments to 2011]
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Article 18 - Municipal Corporations
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§ 01 Classification
§ 02 General and additional laws
§ 03 Powers
§ 04 Acquisition of public utility; contract for service; condemnation
§ 05 Acquisition by ordinance; procedure; referendum; submission
§ 06 Sale of surplus
§ 07 Home rule
§ 08 Submission of question of election of charter commission; approval
§ 09 Amendments to charter; submission; approval
§ 10 Appropriation in excess of public use
§ 11 Assessments for cost of appropriating property
§ 12 Bonds for public utilities
§ 13 Taxation, debts, reports, and accounts
§ 14 Elections
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