130th Ohio General Assembly
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S. C. R. No. 21  As Introduced
As Introduced

127th General Assembly
Regular Session
S. C. R. No. 21

Senator Kearney 

To encourage the State Board of Education to adopt a comprehensive life skills curriculum.


       WHEREAS, Rapid changes in society and technology are increasing demand for competent, well-trained workers; and

       WHEREAS, Today's students will need advanced levels of knowledge and skills about the quickly changing economy in order to remain competitive participants in the twenty-first century workforce; and

       WHEREAS, Employers are searching for ethical team players adept at problem solving and critical thinking with an excellent grasp of expectations in a professional setting; and

       WHEREAS, Students must be able to assess their own abilities and interests to make informed choices about their best career fit and have the knowledge and preparation to find, pursue, and attain such jobs; and

       WHEREAS, All students must develop consumer, family, and life skills necessary to be functioning and productive members of society; and

       WHEREAS, In order to promote a sound, stable economy, it is necessary that students be well-versed and knowledgeable in financial literacy, credit, and debt management; and

       WHEREAS, It is of vital importance to the future of the community at large that students be able to think creatively, recognize and work through problems, and communicate constructively and effectively; now therefore be it

       RESOLVED, That the General Assembly of the State of Ohio encourages the State Board of Education to adopt a curriculum for instruction in life skills for each of grades kindergarten through twelve to enable students to make sound decisions as workers, family members, and consumers; and be it further

       RESOLVED, That the life skills curriculum includes instruction on all of the following areas: (1) interpersonal communication skills and conflict resolution; (2) financial literacy, including budgeting, saving, using credit, and investing; (3) career planning, including identification of career aptitudes and interests and the educational requirements of various professions; (4) the job application process, including resume writing and interviewing skills; (5) employability skills and positive work habits; (6) personal and professional ethics; (7) stress management; (8) nutrition and wellness; and (9) personal safety and first aid; and be it further

       RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the Senate transmit duly authenticated copies of this resolution to the President of the State Board of Education, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the news media of Ohio.

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