130th Ohio General Assembly
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S. R. No. 312  


Senators Carey, Wagoner 

Honoring Paul LaRue on receiving the Ohio History Teacher of the Year Award.
       WHEREAS,  The members of the Senate of the 128th General Assembly of Ohio are pleased to pay tribute to Paul LaRue on being named the 2010 Ohio History Teacher of the Year by the Glider Lehrman Institute for American History; and

       WHEREAS,  Paul LaRue is, indeed, deserving of this honor, which acknowledges his exceptional work as a history teacher at Washington High School. He has displayed unmatched professionalism and dedication in all of his endeavors, and his work has become synonymous with excellence. Understandably, his spirited intellect and painstaking approach to his work have won him a host of admirers; and

       WHEREAS,  To his credit, Paul LaRue can always be relied upon to complete his assigned duties with competence and enthusiasm, and when additional challenges and tasks present themselves, he responds with outstanding initiative. Well regarded throughout the Washington Court House City School District, he has employed a number of innovative instructional techniques to supplement conventional approaches to teaching history, and his attentive manner and thoughtful preparation have enabled him to communicate with extraordinary effectiveness. A creative champion of classroom excellence, he has never failed to inspire his students and colleagues, and today's young people would be hard pressed to find a better role model; and

       WHEREAS,  Paul LaRue has motivated students and faculty alike to set ambitious goals and high standards for themselves. Our society sorely needs teachers who strive to impart to the young people in their charge something of lasting worth--not only a love of learning but also a new way of looking at the world. By his earnest pursuit of these worthy objectives, he has earned the appreciation of the entire community; therefore be it

       RESOLVED,  That we, the members of the Senate of the 128th General Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, applaud Paul LaRue for outstanding achievement and salute him as a fine Ohioan; and be it further

       RESOLVED,  That the Clerk of the Senate transmit a duly authenticated copy of this Resolution to Paul LaRue.

I, Vincent L. Keeran, hereby certify that the above is a true and correct copy of Senate Resolution No. 312, adopted by the Ohio Senate, November 4, 2010.
Vincent L. Keeran
Clerk of the Senate
Senator Bill Harris
President of the Senate
Senator John Carey
Senate District 17
Senator Mark Wagoner
Senate District 2

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