130th Ohio General Assembly
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H. R. No. 253  As Adopted


Representatives Antonio, Patmon, Barnes, Boyd, Budish, Foley, Williams, Yuko 

Honoring the Cleveland Municipal Court on its Centennial.
       WHEREAS,  The members of the House of Representatives of the 129th General Assembly of Ohio are pleased to congratulate the Cleveland Municipal Court on the auspicious occasion of its One Hundredth Anniversary; and

       WHEREAS,  Recognition of this prestigious milestone is, indeed, a fitting tribute to the Cleveland Municipal Court, for it has been invaluable to the residents of the Greater Cleveland area. Established by an act of the Ohio General Assembly in 1911 and opened on January 2, 1912, the Cleveland Municipal Court is the oldest court in Ohio and the second oldest municipal court in the United States. The Centennial of this institution is a justifiable source of pride and an outstanding reflection on the City of Cleveland and its residents; and 

       WHEREAS,  Throughout the last century, the Cleveland Municipal Court has enhanced the quality of life within the surrounding area and has earned a prominent place in local and national history. Among its notable accomplishments, the court was the first in the nation to start summons by mail and to establish a probation program, which also offers psychiatric testing. In addition, a number of well-known judges have been affiliated with the court, including the Honorable Mary B. Grossman, the Honorable Perry B. Jackson, and the Honorable Lillian W. Burke; and

       WHEREAS,  Over the years, the Cleveland Municipal Court has certainly attained a remarkable record of service to the area. The court has come to represent law and justice in the city, and we are certain that in the years to come, it will continue to be a symbol of the tenets of Ohio's judicial system; therefore be it

       RESOLVED,  That we, the members of the House of Representatives of the 129th General Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, commend the Cleveland Municipal Court on its One Hundredth Anniversary and salute all those participating in this memorable celebration; and be it further

       RESOLVED,  That the Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit a duly authenticated copy of this Resolution to the Cleveland Municipal Court.

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