130th Ohio General Assembly
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Am. S. C. R. No. 23  As Adopted by the Senate
As Adopted by the Senate

129th General Assembly
Regular Session
Am. S. C. R. No. 23

Senator Kearney 

Cosponsors: Senators Tavares, Sawyer, Brown, Seitz, Jones, LaRose, Turner, Bacon, Balderson, Beagle, Burke, Cafaro, Coley, Eklund, Faber, Gentile, Hite, Jordan, Lehner, Manning, Obhof, Oelslager, Patton, Peterson, Schaffer, Schiavoni, Smith, Wagoner, Widener, Hughes, Niehaus 

To commend the members of the Black Brigade for their defense of Cincinnati in 1862 and to designate the members as veterans of the American Civil War.


       WHEREAS, In September 1862, when Confederate forces were threatening Cincinnati, the commander of Union forces for the defense of Cincinnati, Major General Lew Wallace, ordered all men of the city, including African Americans, to build defenses for the city; and

       WHEREAS, Initially, the African-American men were treated poorly by the city government and Union troops protecting the city, but this soon changed when William Dickson, a respected citizen of Cincinnati, was given command of the African-American men and organized them into the Black Brigade; and

       WHEREAS, The members of the Black Brigade were recognized by the engineers in charge of building the defenses as the hardest working and most efficient of all the laborers who were involved in that effort. After the threat to the city had ended, the Black Brigade was disbanded, and many of the former members of the Black Brigade entered military service and served in the first Union military units for African Americans; and

       WHEREAS, Although other citizens who participated in the defense of Cincinnati were recognized at the time by the General Assembly, the members of the Black Brigade received no such recognition. It is only fitting that they finally be recognized for their significant contributions to defending their city, their state, and their country; and

       WHEREAS, The distinguished members of the Black Brigade included:

William M. Dickson............... Commandant
Timothy C. Day................... Ass't Adjutant General
J. Stacey Hill................... Quartermaster
William Woods.................... Commissary
Jas. Lupton...................... Volunteer Aide and Acting Camp Commandant

Volunteer Aides:

Jacob Resor, Jr. William J. Dickson
James M. Canfield William H. Chatfield
John W. Hartwell Alexander Neave
David A. James


Co. A - 44 Men

Wm. W. Powell, John Bond William Brown
Charles Briscoe Thomas Holberson Thomas Berkshiers
Albert Shaw George Brown Thomas Jenkins
S. Davis Silas Bond O. C. Harris
Sandy Mix William Parker Harry Davenon
Joseph Hunster William Woodyer Joseph Lucas
Thomas Williams Levi Ward Balak Middleton
Albert Warrick P. Askins Robert Butler
David Anderson Benjamin Robinson Abraham Mason
Henry Allis William Henry Daniel Davenon
Charles Williams Isaac Newton Robert Henderson
Hercules Brown Minor Williams William Grandstaff
Luke Green C. W. Thomas Virgil Payne
Madison Taylor William W. Neal Benjamin Butler
Frank Gordon Dennis Lewis

Co. B - 51 Men

James Vansant, George Frey William Ross
Thomas Holmes O. C. Donley Monroe Harris
J. C. Crowder William Washington Richard Rose
J. H. Jackson Green Wilson James Conrad
John Burris W. Gardner John Freeman
James Ghee Job Thompson Thomas Johnston
Hanse Bailey James Baylis J. Lewis
William Hastie Albert Grey J. Brown
Samuel Coleman Burke Smith Robert Story
William Boon Benjamin Barbee George Roots
William Simonton Luther Griggs Thomas Riley
L. Erskines William Cooper Green Hill
S. C. Tilman Lewis Harris William Lancaster
Henry Casey Washington, Shelton Jasper Beadle
William Steers Henry Holmes W. N. Irons
William Webb William Hill Jesse Reynolds
Mason Spencer George Harris Henry Benson

Co. C - 63 Men

Isaac N. Delaney, Captain William H. Clark Simon Wright
John R. Tinsley Nathaniel Ferrell John Palmer
Henry Porter George Lee John H. Wilson
Samuel Jones Allen Robertson J. Turner
Milton Franklin Sylvester Moore Joseph Henry
Simeon Tate Benjamin Smith Tabbs Gross
John Black Amos Freeman R. C. Ball
Young, Rice James Buckner Henry W. Smith
Joseph Patterson Nelson Mosee Richard Griffin
Frank Love Harvey Wilson Arthur Brown
William H. Taylor Samuel Grant Isaac Jenkins
Daniel Decker Charles, Ferguson Jerry Ross
Richard Toney Robert Burbage Littleton Jones
Isaac Craft James Clarkson Jacob Brown
John Shelby John Morgan John T. Johnston
John Green John Price William Wilson
Adam Seaton Jerry Hall Thomas Hickey
Albert Moore James Abrams Charles Barkley
George Weaver Thomas Hill Charles Ross
Caleb Calloway Samuel Harris David H. Baird
Jerry Mason Isaac Turner Charles Watkins

Co. D - 44 Men

H. B. Alger, Captain J. H. Johnson E. Hinsley
James S. Fremont Benjamin Calamese John Williamson
Edward Benedict Henry Baxter Aaron Rankin
Charles Henry Benjamin Lee Charles Wyatt
William Williams M. Brown Constant Perkins
Samuel Washington William Spotswood James W. Williams
George Hall Frank Werk H. D. Conrad
William Stevens J. M. Conrad John Williams
Andy Edmundson Jerry Dean W. F. Scott
Sanders M. Pinn William Lewis G. O. Williams
George Snowden Peter Cluff John Ross
Nelson Hudson G. W. Armstrong John Wilson
James Spotswood A. Baker Isaac Smith
Walker Calloway Isaiah Smith Willis Bryant
John Edmundson W. B. Hudson

Co. E - 34 Men

William Scott, Charles H. Taylor William Stanton
Albert White George Burgess Charles Smith
Alexander Hubbard James Marshall J. James
John Easton Lewis Marshall James Hartgrove
Converse Roots John Buxton Moses Carr
Alex. McAllister Austin Smith Jesse Wilson
Caleb Bell Martin Wadsworth John Reeder
Nicholas Perkins W. Lockwood James Burton
William Buckner John Liggins Edward Casey
Lloyd B. Taylor John Turner Charles Taylor
Alonzo Anderson Albert Bragg W. J. Brown
John Black

Co. F - 42 Men

J. H. Dixon, Captain Edward Butler Thomas Bowman
Samuel Lewis, Sr. Henry Campbell Robert B. Troy
Thomas Price Thomas Wesley Jerry Butler
Edward Booker Wiliam Parram Joshua Liverpool
Moses Gale James Simpson Berkley Jones
Samuel Rhodes Robert H. Smith Milton Bentley
Thomas M. Coy John W. Saunders James Scott
Charles Farrow John E. Bell William Steele
Peter B. Bartlett Isham J. Brown Reuben Shipley
Philip B. Ferguson Charles Lloyd Allen Cruse
London Lucas Jamuel Lewis, Jr. George W. Bail
Archer Lewis Edward Harris George Bradshaw
James Johnston Jesse Woodson James Townsend
Peter Wilson Henry Griffin Henry Sullivou

Co. I - 39 Men

Charles Hall, Captain John Newsome Branch Goode
John Wilkinson James Morgan Isaac Blakesley
William Lindsay Nelson Briggs Benjamin Scott
Harvey Brown Noah Brown Jackson Murray
H. H. Pettigrew Henry Simpson Martin Tilman
Joseph Holmes John Valentine Matthew Busby
Thomas Jones William P. West Thomas Tilman
James Price Samuel Wells Henry Tivis
John Kelley George Bell Benjamin Mason
Dangerfield Early Liston L. Crewett Robert Johnson
Wingfield Early John Lott William Lawson
Alexander Jackson Amos Bowman John Simms
Joseph Early Greene Buster James Monroe


Co. B - 37 Men

James Mason, Captain A. Bently W. Jones
B. Lee J. Tompkins George Hayes
P. H. Kinney R. Boner J. Jonas
C. S. Shorter F. Livins S. Pool
R. F. Cousins A. Graham W. Williams
P. Johnson W. H. Harrison F. Limus
J. Kinney W. Bailey D. R. Kinney
D. A. Norris R. Goines George Leonard
L. Ellis George Wilson M. Smith
W. Ellis Frank Holmes M. Tate
John Brown George Merchant E. Cousins
W. H. Hill A. Logan George Allen
James Rolls

Co. C - 45 Men

M. Bowdree, Captain William Cooper S. Hollandworth
D. Curtis John Johnston Charles Fields
Henry Hawkins James Martin Marcus Rankill
Daniel Mundowney Alexander Scruggs S. Richardson
Thomas Mercer John Hill Adam Riley
John Farrow George Harris John Hubbard
Charles Johnson George Tenbrock James Cox
David Liggins John Crow Elijah Kite
Daniel Harris H. Campbell Sanuel W. Nickens
John Taylor Robert Kite R. Turpin
A. Hiller John Green Alfred Stevens
Robert Lewis R. Stewart Charles Harris
John Webb Anthony Cherry William Rankill
J. C. McDougal John Arnold James King, Jr.
James Harris Samuel Moss Robert G. Jones

Co. D - 40 Men

Charles Austin, Captain Wilson Casey Frank Hays
William Thomas Tilford Sneed Augustus Gaines
Fredrick Somers Benjamin Davis George Kinney
Elder Willis Charles Armstead G. F. Butler
Enos Parker Richard Sims Nicholas Saulsbury
Riley M. Truss Emmanuel Patterson Nathaniel Lytle
John Ducker John Keith James Ferguson
David Nickens Charles Shelton David Long
Daniel Keith Henry Henderson Wesley Turner
Abraham Jones Richard Armstead Benjamin Franklin
James Morton Robert Crow John Alexander
James McAllister James Bartlett James Battise
John Liggins Charles Williams Wesley Jones
Benjamin Cheek

Co. E - 41 Men

John McAllister, Captain William Wilson Morton Brown
John Haskins A. W. Hays David Scott
Albert Lindsey D. F. Carter Johnson Howard
William Stewart Cyrus Brown Vernon Woods
James Carr Frank Noton, or Knowlton
Richard Blackburn Joshua Eddy Isaac Jones
John Lucas P. Powell C. F. Buckner
Nathaniel Goines Emmanuel Davis Robert Lewis
James Morris Elim Miller William Buckner
Warner Durett William Jones George Collins
M. W. Jackson Charles Tirley Eli Covington
N. W. Hagerman B. D. Payne John Hill
Hamilton Baker Jacob Fredrick Joseph Hagerman
Joseph Johns William Griggs John R. Henry

Co. F - 29 Men

Peter F. Fossett, Captain John Harris John Webb
W. B. Scott Thomas Dixon Marshall Jordan
John Lewis Jessee Oliver J. Williams
William Lewis G. W. Kinney Charles Johnston
W. H. Baltimore A. J. Mosby John Mann
Daniel Thomas William H. Mills Benjamin Dabney
Asa Butcher Stephen Irwin Allen Foster
Nathan Williams Charles Points Harry Hodrick
Lloyd Johnston P. Templeton Wallace Shelton
Chapman Vinee Randolph Jones


Co. No. 1 - 37 Men

Simon Shepherd, Captain James Copely William Smith
Marshal P.H. Jones C. W. Williams John Collier
William Flewellan L. W. Crewitt William Carr
Robert Blackstone W. I. Toney Sanford Lewis
Alfred Keith G. Strange Martin Scott
Charles Harrison Alfred Harrison Henry Johnston
Henry Kizer Isaac Smith Lloyd Lewis, Jr.
Francis Jones Solomon Anderson Lloyd Lewis, Sr.
James Kirk Shadrach Kirke William Porter
James Ellis George Trimble James King
Thomas Stewart Francis Bond Isaac Lancaster
Powhatan Beatty S. Napier Isaiah Mitchell
Moses Johnston

Co. No. 2 - 44 Men

George Mack, Captain Newton Garrison James Towles
Charles Carter D. Harris Benjamin Stewart
C. C. Hubbard David Pleasants Harry Green
William Sanders Robert Gaines Samuel Smith
Ranly Miles Henry Casey Albert Chapman
S. P. Dorsey Miller Merchant J. Mernro
William Page David P. Jones W. Early
David Ellis Marshal Ditcher George S. Allen
Samuel Taylor Norvall Jackson Andy Wilkinson
Lewis Scott Samuel Hines Walter Scott
Samuel Scott James James Thomas Casey
Henry Cooper Martin Morris John Cousins
Albert Jenkins Robert Smith George Burgess
Alex Sanders Henry Allen Edward March
Richard Corbin Amos Brown

Co. No. 3 - 42 Men

W. H. Looker, Captain A. J. Holloway W. Satchell, Sr.
L. Bruce W. Holloway G. F. Butler
H. Bryant W. Satchell Isaac Mitchell
G. Ware B. Hogan J. Turner
W. Wilson B. Hamilton E. Bates
M. Rust M. Johnson H. B. Renson
S. Holloway C. Corrall Amos Brown
L. Holloway J. Dermegall Augustus Gaines
O. Madden J. Bates Martin Tilman
P. Alexander W. H. Anderson Thomas Tilman
J. Mundowney W. H. Steinway Henry Tivis
H. Boyer Lewis Scott, Jr. Arthur Brown
J. Gates Andrew Tait George Whitcomb
S. Riddle Peter Custello Richard Tostson

Co. No. 4 - 30 Men

T. Perry, Captain Aston Wilson J. Battise
William Hudson John Hill William Spriggs
Charles H. Payne Willis Bryant Samuel Ray
Charles Mazee John Findley Jackson M. Moore
Daniel Early Lewis Johnson Lewis Stratton
Charles St. John Henry Johnson E. Miller
Philip Willis James H. Wilson W. H. Washington
John Campbell H. Brown W. H. Bush
Clark Powell William Hudson, Jr. Sylvester Bird
Lewis Hughes M. Reynolds William Lawson

Co. No. 5 - 44 Men

M. Jackson, Captain G. Ralton William Fisher
T. J. Goode M. J. Epps H. Patterson
W. Wilson J. Gibbs W. Smith
W. Fisher W. Smith E. Solomon
S. Burgess F. Buckner B. Turner
F. Marshall G. Henry C. Jones
B. Simmons W. H. Mann L. Griggs
N. Dolsby B. Wilkinson George Harvey
L. Cooper S. Blakey L. G. Hilton
W. Peyton W. Sanders Henry Casey
C. Jones H. Smith Robert Butler
R. Goines L. Alexander G. Leonard
A. Posey L. Givens Charles Raglan
M. Raglin J. W. Wilson William Davis
E. Ferguson A. Triplett;

now therefore be it

       RESOLVED, That the members of the 129th General Assembly of the State of Ohio, in adopting this resolution, commend the members of the Black Brigade for their activities in building defenses for Cincinnati in 1862 during the threat of invasion from Confederate forces and designate the members of the Black Brigade as veterans of the American Civil War; and be it further

       RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the Senate transmit duly authenticated copies of this resolution to the Governor, the Adjutant General, and the news media of Ohio.

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