130th Ohio General Assembly
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S. R. No. 11  


Senators Smith, Brown, Cafaro, Grendell, Kearney, Sawyer, Schiavoni, Skindell, Tavares, Turner, Wilson 

In memory of Stanley Eugene Tolliver, Sr.
       WHEREAS,  The members of the Senate of the 129th General Assembly of Ohio were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Stanley Eugene Tolliver, Sr., and extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends; and

       WHEREAS,  Stanley Tolliver's zealous love of life and his selfless concern for the welfare of others distinguished him as an outstanding human being and as a leading citizen. A veteran of the U.S. Army, he became a defense attorney, representing many high profile criminal and civil rights cases throughout the country, and he hosted a weekly talk show on WERE-AM. In addition, he served in such roles as a member of the Cleveland NAACP Board and the Antioch Baptist Church Board of Trustees and as a president of the Cleveland Municipal School District Board of Education, the Norman S. Minor Bar Association, and the local chapter of the National Conference of Black Lawyers, and he also sang at various churches and nightclubs; and

       WHEREAS,  Stanley Tolliver's exceptional record of success stands as a hallmark worthy of emulation, and he has inspired countless people to excel in various areas of endeavor. The respect and admiration he earned throughout his life are clearly evident, and his accomplishments and leadership serve as a justifiable source of pride for his family and many friends; and

       WHEREAS,  Stanley Tolliver's personal and professional achievements will certainly live beyond him. The warmth and understanding he so readily extended to others will stand as a testament to his personal character, and he will be remembered fondly by all those who knew and loved him; therefore be it

       RESOLVED,  That we, the members of the Senate of the 129th General Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, express a profound sense of loss and sincere regret at the death of Stanley Eugene Tolliver, Sr.; and be it further

       RESOLVED,  That the Clerk of the Senate transmit a duly authenticated copy of this Resolution to the family of Stanley Eugene Tolliver, Sr.

I, Vincent L. Keeran, hereby certify that the above is a true and correct copy of Senate Resolution No. 11, adopted by the Ohio Senate, January 18, 2011.
Vincent L. Keeran
Clerk of the Senate
Senator Tom Niehaus
President of the Senate
Senator Shirley Smith
Senate District 21

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