130th Ohio General Assembly
SENATE CALENDAR -- 2014-12-12(1) at 13:30


Friday — December 12, 2014

Resolutions Reported by Committee
Sub. S. J. R. No. 8 — Senator Faber 

Cosponsors: Senators Widener, Patton, Obhof, Oelslager, Peterson 

Proposing to enact new Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 of Article XI and to repeal Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 of Article XI of the Constitution of the State of Ohio to revise the redistricting process for General Assembly districts.
(Committee on State Government Oversight and Reform recommends adoption of substitute resolution December 4, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 4, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 9, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 10, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 11, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 16, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 17, 2014)

Bills for Third Consideration
Sub. S. B. No. 53 — Senator Kearney 

Cosponsors: Senators Smith, Tavares, Schiavoni, Turner, Seitz, LaRose 

To amend sections 4503.10, 4503.102, 4503.12, 4503.182, 4505.061, 4506.08, 4507.24, 4507.50, 4507.52, 4519.03, 4519.10, 4519.56, and 4519.69 of the Revised Code to require the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and all deputy registrars to accept credit and debit cards for all transactions and to establish a deputy registrar document security fee.
(Committee on Transportation recommends passage of substitute bill December 10, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 10, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 11, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 16, 2014)
(Informally passed on December 17, 2014)

(Bills or resolutions below the black line have been recommended for passage or adoption by designated committee)

Sub. S. B. No. 97 — Senator Hughes 

Cosponsors: Senators Patton, LaRose 

To amend section 4511.45 and to enact section 4511.454 of the Revised Code to allow emergency personnel in public safety vehicles to report traffic law violations under certain circumstances.
(Committee on Public Safety, Local Government and Veterans Affairs recommends passage of substitute bill November 21, 2013)

S. B. No. 102 — Senator Hughes 

Cosponsors: Senators Gardner, Seitz, Widener, Hite, Brown, Turner, Cafaro, Tavares, Jones 

To amend section 4501.21 and to enact section 4503.492 of the Revised Code to create the "Ovarian Cancer Awareness" license plate.
(Committee on Medicaid, Health and Human Services recommends passage October 30, 2013)

Sub. S. B. No. 335 — Senators Seitz, Kearney 

Cosponsors: Senators Uecker, Eklund, Beagle, Manning, Brown, Hite, Lehner, Jones, Patton 

To amend sections 5501.44, 5501.70, 5501.71, 5501.73, 5501.78, 5531.11, 5531.12, 5531.13, 5531.14, 5531.15, 5531.16, and 5739.02 and to enact sections 5531.141, 5531.142, 5531.143, 5531.144, 5531.145, 5531.146, 5531.147, 5531.148, and 5531.149 of the Revised Code to provide that a toll project may include the substantial reconstruction or replacement of an existing toll-free highway, bridge, or tunnel, to amend the law governing public-private agreements relative to transportation facilities, and to provide for the collection of user fees on toll projects by toll project operators.
(Committee on Transportation recommends passage of substitute bill May 28, 2014)

Sub. H. B. No. 74 — Representative Anielski 

Cosponsors: Representatives Hackett, Ruhl, Fedor, Driehaus, Sprague, Gonzales, Buchy, Antonio, Grossman, Pillich, Butler, Baker, Barborak, Barnes, Beck, Blair, Blessing, Boose, Brown, Burkley, Cera, Clyde, Conditt, Green, Hagan, C., Hall, Hill, Landis, McClain, McGregor, Milkovich, Patmon, Perales, Rogers, Sheehy, Smith, Terhar Speaker Batchelder 

To amend sections 2903.13, 2903.211, 2913.02, and 2917.21 of the Revised Code to expand the offenses of menacing by stalking and telecommunications harassment, to prohibit a person from knowingly causing another person to believe that the offender will cause physical harm or mental distress to a family or household member of the other person, to increase the penalty for assault when the victim is a volunteer firefighter, and to correct a cross reference in the theft statute to special purchase articles.
(Committee on Criminal Justice recommends passage of substitute bill December 2, 2014)

Sub. H. B. No. 113 — Representatives Antonio, Henne 

Cosponsors: Representatives Ramos, Brenner, Hood, Driehaus, Hagan, R., Letson, Stinziano, Milkovich, Boyce, Hackett, Rogers, Cera, Amstutz, Bishoff, Schuring Speaker Batchelder  Senator Sawyer 

To amend section 3313.603 of the Revised Code regarding the excusal of students from the high school physical education requirement.
(Committee on Education recommends passage of substitute bill December 11, 2014)

Sub. H. B. No. 116 — Representative Pelanda 

Cosponsors: Representatives Gonzales, Hackett, Young, Stebelton, Burkley, Hagan, C., Ruhl, Anielski, Antonio, Baker, Boose, Brown, Buchy, Budish, Celebrezze, Duffey, Fedor, Hall, Hayes, Heard, Landis, Patterson, Sprague Speaker Batchelder 

To amend sections 4729.01, 4729.531, 4729.532, 4729.54, and 4729.55 and to enact sections 955.151, 959.134, 3719.091, 4729.533, 4729.534, 4729.535, 4729.542, 4729.991, and 4741.201 of the Revised Code to govern the chemical capture of animals and to make changes to the law governing euthanasia of an animal by lethal injection.
(Committee on Agriculture recommends passage May 28, 2014)

Sub. H. B. No. 307 — Representative Buchy 

Cosponsors: Representatives Pelanda, Wachtmann, Barnes, Bishoff, Brown, Hottinger, Johnson, Schuring, Sears, Smith, Sprague, Adams, J., Adams, R., Amstutz, Baker, Beck, Blair, Burkley, Conditt, Curtin, Damschroder, Derickson, Duffey, Fedor, Green, Hackett, Hagan, C., Hall, Hayes, Henne, Hill, Huffman, Landis, Maag, McClain, Patmon, Patterson, Pillich, Retherford, Roegner, Rosenberger, Stebelton, Terhar, Thompson, Young Speaker Batchelder  Senator Coley 

To amend sections 3107.055, 3107.062, 3107.063, 3107.064, 3107.07, 3107.16, 5103.17, 5747.37, and 5747.98 and to enact sections 3107.067, 3107.068, 3107.069, 3107.0611, 3107.0612, 3107.0613, and 3107.0614 of the Revised Code to require that certain pre-birth adoption notifications be sent to each putative father; to reduce the time within which a putative father must register with the putative father registry; to reduce the period of time to appeal an adoption decree; to permit certain entities to advertise regarding the adoption of children; to define for purposes of an adoption "living expenses" of a birth mother and to specify how they must be paid; and to increase the adoption income tax credit.
(Committee on Civil Justice recommends passage of substitute bill December 11, 2014)

Sub. H. B. No. 379 — Representatives Blessing, Landis 

Cosponsors: Representatives Adams, J., Becker, Butler, Grossman, Hackett, Scherer, Sprague, Young, Conditt, DeVitis, Adams, R., Amstutz, Anielski, Baker, Beck, Brenner, Brown, Buchy, Burkley, Damschroder, Green, Hall, Johnson, McClain, Milkovich, Perales, Ruhl, Terhar, Wachtmann Speaker Batchelder  Senator Coley 

To amend section 2901.12 and to enact sections 1901.028, 1907.04, 2301.04, 2305.2310, and 2501.20 of the Revised Code to provide civil immunity for architects, contractors, engineers, surveyors, and tradespersons providing volunteer services during a declared emergency and to provide for the continued orderly operation of the courts in case of a disaster, civil disorder, or other extraordinary circumstance.
(Committee on Civil Justice recommends passage of substitute bill December 4, 2014)

Sub. H. B. No. 460 — Representatives Brenner, Driehaus 

Cosponsors: Representatives Fedor, Bishoff, Antonio, Anielski, Baker, Barborak, Barnes, Boyce, Brown, Butler, Celebrezze, Curtin, DeVitis, Duffey, Gerberry, Green, Grossman, Hackett, Hagan, R., Henne, Huffman, Kunze, Letson, Mallory, McClain, McGregor, Milkovich, O'Brien, Patmon, Patterson, Perales, Phillips, Reece, Romanchuk, Ruhl, Schuring, Sheehy, Slesnick, Smith, Sprague, Stautberg, Stebelton, Stinziano, Strahorn, Sykes, Terhar, Winburn Speaker Batchelder  Senators Sawyer, Beagle 

To enact sections 3302.16, 3302.17, and 3302.18 of the Revised Code to authorize school districts and community schools to initiate a community learning process to assist and guide school restructuring.
(Committee on Education recommends passage of substitute bill December 11, 2014)

H. B. No. 595 — Representatives Brenner, Ruhl 

Cosponsors: Representatives Anielski, Rogers, Sheehy, Sprague, Stebelton Speaker Batchelder 

To amend sections 2151.07, 2301.02, and 2301.03 of the Revised Code to create a domestic relations division of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas and to create a judgeship for that division.
(Committee on Civil Justice recommends passage December 11, 2014)

H. C. R. No. 15 — Representative Beck 

Cosponsors: Representatives Smith, Becker, Brenner, Wachtmann, Pillich, Stinziano, Derickson, Perales, Buchy, Green, Adams, J., Mallory, Strahorn, Stebelton, Brown, Adams, R., Fedor, Rosenberger, Maag, Milkovich, Ruhl, Barnes, Reece, Landis, Anielski, Barborak, Bishoff, Dovilla, Retherford, Young, Amstutz, Antonio, Ashford, Baker, Blair, Blessing, Boose, Boyce, Budish, Burkley, Butler, Carney, Cera, Clyde, Conditt, Curtin, Damschroder, DeVitis, Driehaus, Duffey, Gerberry, Gonzales, Grossman, Hackett, Hagan, C., Hagan, R., Hall, Hayes, Heard, Henne, Hill, Hood, Hottinger, Huffman, Kunze, Letson, Lundy, Lynch, McClain, McGregor, O'Brien, Patmon, Patterson, Pelanda, Phillips, Ramos, Redfern, Roegner, Rogers, Romanchuk, Scherer, Schuring, Sears, Slaby, Slesnick, Sprague, Stautberg, Sykes, Terhar, Williams, Winburn Speaker Batchelder  Senators Tavares, LaRose, Schaffer, Brown 

Recognizing the Fortieth Anniversary of Operation Homecoming.
(Committee on Public Safety, Local Government and Veterans Affairs recommends adoption November 12, 2013)

H. C. R. No. 23 — Representatives Derickson, Romanchuk 

Cosponsors: Representatives Henne, Butler, Johnson, Beck, Smith, Ruhl, Reece, Stebelton, Hackett, Williams, Letson, Brown, Adams, R., Conditt, Grossman, Retherford, Terhar, Thompson, Schuring, Hottinger, Anielski, Baker, Barnes, Blair, Boose, Buchy, Budish, Burkley, Cera, Damschroder, DeVitis, Dovilla, Fedor, Gerberry, Gonzales, Hagan, C., Hall, Hayes, Hill, Huffman, Landis, Lynch, McClain, Milkovich, O'Brien, Patterson, Rogers, Rosenberger, Slaby, Slesnick, Sprague, Winburn, Young Speaker Batchelder  Senators Beagle, Schaffer, Manning 

To urge the Congress of the United States to take action on the federal Workforce Investment Act to allow states greater flexibility to address current economic realities.
(Committee on Workforce and Economic Development recommends adoption October 23, 2013)

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